Where is the Humanity gone?


Over the years I have heard multiple stories related to dowry, alimony, citizenship, abuse, assault, or something else. Today many are duped over money. Many over citizenships. Many are assaulted, and many are abused. Some survive, some don’t. Some are strong enough to move on and live happily. Some move on but live with a subdued spirit. Some commit suicide, some resort to gambling, drinking or drugs. Whatever way is suitable and workable for them.

One well-educated woman was thrown out of her house within a week of her marriage for bringing less dowry; while another woman stayed married for two years and walked out of her marriage overnight once she got the US Green Card. One was burned alive along with her daughter by her own husband; another committed suicide under societal pressure of not bearing a child. One woman was duped by her boyfriend for money; while another married a man despite being in relationship with her boyfriend, with her eye on an enormous amount of alimony that she would get after divorce. Two men were sent to jail by their live-in partners over false allegations just because they did not jell up together. Recently, a woman was thrown out of her house along with her special need son by no other than her own husband and daughter. Her daughter’s boyfriend even tried to send her son to jail, and yet the daughter said nothing.

I understand I only know one side of the story, but it hurts when I hear all this. What has happened to us? What has happened to this world? Where are we all heading? Where has the humanity gone? Why is money the ruling factor when it should only be a currency to facilitate transactions? Why is greed taking over everything? Why have corruption and injustice become so prevalent?

Love, trust, and human kindness have become a joke. God created the universe, but we created caste, creed, race, religion and so many other differences. The only tenet for human beings is to follow humanity, but we have totally forgotten about it. The directive of today is to snatch, cheat, dupe, abuse as much as possible. Be rich by hook or by crook. Use others in the best possible way you can. So many are even taking advantage of today’s pandemic and trying to earn money. What could be worse than this?

Isn’t this a high time for all of us to think about it? What kind of world do we want to live in? In a world full of misery and deceit? Or a world full of love and happiness? Is this the world we want to leave for our next generation, a world full of suffering? Or do we owe them a better world?

We were born in a beautiful world. The world we saw in our childhood. The world we had twenty or more years ago but today we are spoiling it with our deeds. Why is ‘trust only yourself’ notion becoming true? Instead of being an authentic helper of people, why are we becoming sophisticated manipulators?

As I think of this beautiful planet fondly, it is a different world for men and a completely different for women. It is different for good people and different for bad. Why?

Life is unpredictable and tough, why do we have to make it tougher? Why do we have to snatch things from others? Why can’t we be content and happy with what we have? Even the basic necessities–food, housing, education, healthcare have become so expensive that they are out of reach of the common man. Should we blame everything on inflation and nothing on corruption and greed?

We all know, ‘One bad fish can spoil the whole pond,’ so shouldn’t we throw the bad fish out of the pond rather than letting it spoil the pond? About ten to fifteen percent of bad people create problems for the rest of the good ones. Can those good ones stand together and do something about those that are bad? Yes, we can, but in reality, we don’t because of our own selfish reasons; for the fear of embarrassment, for the fear of death, for the fear of society, for lack of time or something else.

There are billions of beautiful hearts on this planet, but millions of bad ones are ruining it and we need to do something about it. Can we at least do our bit and be human?

‘A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality.’ Let’s show some courage and save our future. We are too precious to let disappointments enter our minds, and there is definitely more to life than money. Think about it.

Let’s aim for an uncorrupt, happy and loving world. Shall we?

Happy reading!!

  Dated: Aug 17, 2020

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