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Compassionate, Zealous and Creative

Preeti Narang is the author of the books 'Prodigal Love?' and 'Yeh Kaisa Pyar?'. She has a Master’s degree in Software Systems and has been working in the IT industry for over two decades. She loves to dance, sing, paint, travel, read, write, workout, meditate and do taekwondo. She is passionate about writing and published her debut novel in March 2020. Along with writing fiction novels, she also writes blogs and poems. You can email her at [email protected]. You can also follow her on @twitter, @instagram, @amazon, @goodreads or subscribe to her youtube channel @youtube or like her @facebook page.
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Prodigal Love?

An eye-opener based on real-life events , that will leave you startled and perplexed. A story of an Indian girl, Samaira and the love of her life. The challenges and turbulence they face from society and life itself. A depiction of the complexities of contemporary Indian society and its culture. A story of love, fate and destiny. Will they be together? Will there be a crime? A mystery? An emotional tale that will make you think and dig deep. Contains a priceless lesson to teach.

Thank you for showing interest in her story. However, let me warn you. This story might leave you speechless...[Read the Excerpt]

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यह कैसा प्यार? (Yeh Kaisa Pyar?)

कौन है आहाना? कैसी है और क्या चाहती है, आहाना?
सुंदर है, भावुक है, और हिम्मती है, आहाना।
ज़िंदगी को खुल के जीना चाहती है, आहाना।
अपने दम पर कुछ बनना चाहती है, आहाना।
प्यार करने वाला एक हमसफ़र चाहती है, आहाना।
क्या वह यह सब कर पाएगी?
क्या वह ज़िंदगी अपनी मर्ज़ी से जी पाएगी?
क्या होंगे उसके सपने पूरे?
सुनिए आहाना और उसके प्यार की सच्ची कहानी, प्रीति नारंग की ज़ुबानी।
क्या वे साथ रह पाएँगे? या ज़िंदगी की कश्मकश में खो जाएँगे?
क्या वे मिल पाएँगे? या होगा कोई गुनाह?

मन को मोहित करने वाली कविताओं के साथ लिखी यह दिलचस्प सच्ची कहानी, आपको अवश्य ही आश्चर्यचकित कर देगी।...[विज्ञापन]

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'Prodigal Love?' Reviews

“This is a gripping intriguing story. Author beautifully paints a soft delicate romance within the framework of ‘Indian Values’. She successfully brings out the character of a smart well-educated yet gullible young girl. The suspense in the story wants you to continue reading without skipping the pages. The story unfolds in front of your eyes like a Bollywood movie, with romance, suspense and even the quintessential songs (in the form of beautifully penned poems, though). Author’s restrained approach in depicting incidents based on true events makes it a ‘family book’, a must-read for adolescents, young adults and not-so-young adults as well!”–Amazon reader

“A page turner that I could not close after starting. I felt the author’s emotions - love, hurt, anger, acceptance. Mostly, I have a richer understanding of Indian culture around marriage. A great first book!”–Amazon reader

“Wow, this book has a gripping plot and storyline. And surprisingly the suspenseful tale is based on actual events! I loved the romance and suspense, but most importantly, I cherished learning about Indian culture through the author's eyes. Her poetry is unique and adds moments of reflection. Give this book a try if you want a fast yet satisfying read.”–Goodreads reader

“Prodigal Love has been an eye opener for me. The author has simply conveyed deep emotions in this unique tale of love. A must read for all young people!!”–Goodreads reader.

'यह कैसा प्यार?' समीक्षा

“अमेजिंग......मेरे पास शब्द नहीं है, इसकी खूबसूरती को बयां करने के लिए। बस इतना कहूंगा कि मैं शब्दों में पूरी तरह से खो गया। बिना शर्त प्रेम और मानव स्वभाव का बेहतरीन विश्लेषण। प्रीति जी की लेखनी मंत्रमुग्ध कर देती है। इसे एक बार पढ़ना शुरू करो तो अंत तक पढ़े बिना रुकोगे नहीं। आप सभी को पढ़ना चाहिए, अगर प्रेम को समझना है।”–ऐमज़ान पाठक

“इस किताब का ब्लर्ब पढ के ही मेरी उत्सुकता बढ गयी थी| लेखिका ने बहुत खुबी से कादंबरी की नायिका आहाना का व्यक्तिचित्रण किया है| आहाना के एक एक पैलू, उसकी मानसिकता बहुत संवेदनशीलता के साथ प्रस्तुत की है| ये कहानी पढते पढते पता ही नहीं चलता की कब हम उस में खो जाते है| मांनो, ऐसा लगता है कि ये कहानी कहीं अपनी अडोस पडोस रहने वाली कोई छुटकी की तो नहीं! नये जेनेरेशनवालों की रिलेशनशिप, उसकी जटिलता और ऊनकी उलझने समझने के लिए यह किताब जरूर पढिए|”–गूडरीडस पाठक

“जब ये कहानी पढ़नी शुरू की तो बस पढ़ता ही चला गया। प्रीति जी, आप बहुत ही अच्छा लिखती हैं। हम आपकी हर कहानी का इंतजार करते रहेंगे और पढ़ते रहेंगे।”–ऐमज़ान पाठक

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Poem 1 (Sapne/Dreams):

Yeh sapne hi to apne hain!
Yeh kaise apne sapne hain!!

Din ho ya raat ho!
Dhoop ho, barsaat ho!!
Yeh chalte apne sang hain!
Dikhlate apne rang hain!!

Yeh sapne hi to apne hain!
Yeh kaise apne sapne hain!!

Khushi dete, gum dete!
Jaane, Kya kya, humko pal dete!!
Jeene ki ek umeed dete!
Sundar si ek tasveer dete!!

Yeh sapne hi to apne hain!
Yeh kaise apne sapne hain!!

Kabhi hoton par, muskurahat laate!
Kabhi aankhon mein yeh, aasoon laate!!
Kabhi humein, raat bhar jagaate!
Kabhi khud hi, toot jaate!!

Yeh sapne hi to apne hain!
Yeh kaise apne sapne hain!!

Kabhi saalon intezaar karate!
Kabhi kuch palon mein hi, jannat ki ser karate!!
Kabhi khamoshi se apna afsaana bayaan karte!
Kabhi ghungaroo si madhur jhankaar sunaate!!

Yeh sapne hi to apne hain!
Yeh kaise apne sapne hain!!

Adhoora hota apna jeevan!
Agar sapne na hote humare sang!!
Aur zakhmo par yeh lagaate na marham!!!

Yeh sapne hi to apne hain!
Yeh kaise apne sapne hain!!  

Poem 2 (लालच/Greed):

जाने क्या-क्या करवाता है, यह लालच।
जाने कहाँ से आता है, यह लालच।।
भाई को भाई से लड़वाता है, यह लालच।
बाप को बेटे से दूर करता है, यह लालच।।
जाने कितने कत्ल करवाता है, यह लालच।
जाने कितनों को रुलाता है, यह लालच।।

पैसों का लालच। संपत्ति का लालच।
कपड़ों का लालच। गहनों का लालच।।
खाने का लालच। पीने का लालच।।
घूमने का लालच। ज़िंदा रहने का लालच।।
प्यार का लालच। वासना का लालच।।
आगे बढ़ने का लालच। बेटी होते हुए भी, बेटे का लालच।।
लालच, लालच और लालच।।।

ज़रूरत से ज़्यादा खाना, लालच ही तो है।
ज़रूरत से ज़्यादा पीना, यह भी लालच है।।
पैसों के पीछे भागना, लालच ही तो है।
दूसरों की सम्पत्ति छीनना, यह भी लालच है।।

लालच ना होता, तो क्या होता?
लालच ना होता, तो क्या होता?

शायद कहीं खुश होते लोग।
शायद ज़िंदगी को खुल के जीते लोग।।
शायद इंसानियत दिखाई देती कहीं।
शायद हँसी सुनाई देती कहीं।।

शायद संतुष्ट होते लोग।
शायद तसल्ली से सोते लोग।।
शायद ख़ुशी के गीत गाते।
शायद हमेशा मुस्कुराते।।

क्या खत्म हो सकता है, यह लालच?
क्या खत्म हो सकता है, यह लालच?
काश खत्म हो सकता, यह लालच।
काश खत्म हो सकता, यह लालच।।

Poem 3 (Shayari):

Koi apna nahin, sab begane hain!
Humne dekhe, bahut se afsaane hain!!
Shikwa ya gila, kya kisi se karein hum!
Is zalim duniya mein, sabhi anjaane hain!!

Poem 4 (COVID-19):

Jaane kahan gaye woh din,
Jab hum kahin bhi, jaya karte the!
Jab hum kahin bhi, khaya karte the!!
Yaaron ko gale, lagaya karte the!
Milkar khushi, manaya karte the!!

Doston ke saath bahar jaana, saath milkar gungunana, maza tha zindagi ka!
Office jaana, gym jaana, niyam tha, har din ka!!

Ghar mein rehte rehte ab, thak gaye hain!
Logon se door bhaagte bhaagte, pak gaye hain!!
Zoom call se, chak gaye hain!
Saaman saaf karte karte, piss gaye hain!!
Haathon ki halat hai ab shushk!
Dhote dhote ho gaye hai khushk!!

Corona ne kiya hai tang sabko!
Garmi mein mask pehne par, kiya hai majboor humko!!

Ab himmat, bolne lagi hai!
Mann mein udaasi, aane lagi hai!!
Jahan bhi dekho, nirasha hai!
Kahin kahin hi, aasha hai!!
Log hasna, bhool gaye hai!
Milna julna, bhool gaye hain!!

Ab dua hai humari rab se!
Kar de koi chamatkar jaldi se!!

Khata hui, jo prakriti ka dhayaan na rakha!
Khata hui, jo insaniyat ko na samjha!!

Lauta de humari, zindagi humko!
Niraash na kareinge, ab tumko!!

Jane kab wapas, aayeinge woh din!
Jane kab hogi jeevan mein, phir se palchin!!

Poem 5 (Romantic):

Socha na tha kabhi zindagi mein, aisa pal bhi aayega!
Tum sa koi humsafar, yoon dastak de kar jaayega!!
Humne to chod hi diya tha, muskurana, sapne sajana!
Tum aaye toh yaad aaya, tahake lagana, gungunana!!
Kante bhare the jo zindagi mein, chun liye tumne saare!
Phoolon ki sej liye, pass aaye tum humare!!
Gam ke aasoon, jo hum dabaya karte the!
Sach kahein, woh mann hi mann, humein bahut rulaya karte the!!

Aaj seekha hai humne tumse, zindagi ko jeena!
Kuch apna sa lagta hai, kartik ka yeh maheena!!
Tumne hai jaana bahut humein, jo koi na jaan paya tha!
Tumhari baahon mein aa kar, humara dil teji se dhadkaya tha!!
Tumhe soch kar hum, mann hi mann muskuratein hain!
Baatein tumhari, bus yaad kiye jaate hain!!
Khuwaab jo lauta diye hain, tumne humare!
Poore kareinge sab, saath reh kar tumhare!!
Yakeen nahin hota humein, apni kismat par!
Dar lagta hai ki kahin kho na dein sab, aage chal kar!!

Hum bhi ab jeene ki tamana rakhte hain!
Par kya karein, bure khayal pareshan kiya karte hain!!
Ab bus ek vaada hum, tumse chahte hain!
Ki zindagi hum, tumhare saath jeena chahte hain!!
Ruswa na karna ae zindagi, humein tum!
Dard sehte sehte kahin hum, ho na jayein gum!!
Aasoon jo bahe ab, tham na payeinge!
Zindagi mein phir kabhi hum, muskura na payeinge!!

Poem 6 (Romantic):

Aaj kal zindagi, bahut haseen lagti hai!
Dil mein bus, tumhari hi yaad basti hai!!
Hum itne khush hain, ki kya bataein!
Pyar karte hain kitna tumse, kaise dikhlaein!!
Aaisa pehle, kabhi na hua tha!
Kisi ne itna na, is dil ko chua tha!!
Humne tumsa pyar karne wala, kahin na dekha!
Sochte hain har roz, ki kahin koi, sapna to nahin dekha!!
Apne haathon ki lakeeron par, yakeen nahin hota!
Kambakhat yeh faasla ab, bardasht nahin hota!!
Sach, tum jaisa pyar humse kabhi koi na karta!
Koi aur to humari, zindagi ki soch se hi darta!!
Jaan ho tum humari!
Baatein karte ho kitni saari!!
Ab le jaao humein tum, apni dulhan banakar!
Jeena chaheinge baaki zindagi, tumhare hi ghar jaaker!!
Bus jaan, ab der na karna, pagal ho jaayeinge hum warna!
Ab chahtein hain tumhare hi saath rahna, ladna aur pyar karna!!

Poem 7 (Romantic):

Zindagi mein aae humsafar, tera saath na chhodeinge!
Maut bhi aa jaaye, to bhi tujhse na mooh modeinge!!
Bedard hai yeh duniya, to kya!
Kismat abhi, khafa hai to kya!!
Kabhi toh humare sitare bhi, jag magaeinge!
Phool ki tarah, hum bhi muskurainge!!
Aae meri jaan, tu ghabara mat!
Yeh bure pal bhi, ho jayeinge cut!!
Bus yaad rakh, koi humein juda kar nahin paayega!
Kal hi yeh zamana humein, ek dooje se milvayega!!

Poem 8 (Sad):

Zindagi kya kya rang, dikhlati hai!
Kabhi Khushi to kabhi gum, de jaati hai!!
Hum khush the, tumhe paake!
Jee rahe the, sundar sapne saja ke!!
Gum ka Mausam, aisa aaya!
Waqt bhi na usko, bhar paya!!
Rote hain, chup chup kar roz!
Par rakhte hain sabke samne, poora josh!!
Humara dard, koi na samajh paya!
Koi bhi aasoon, pochne na aaya!!
Maloom na tha humko, hai kismat itni buri!
Choti si fariyaad bhi na, ho sakti hai poori!!
Ab tak the tumhare, saath khade!
Har mushkil, har takleef, se lade!!
Ab kuch karne ka, mann nahin karta!
Kisi ke saath reh kar bhi, waqt nahin kat ta!!
Toot gaye hain, sapne saare!
Waqt ne diye, aise fatkare!!
Ab aur sahan, nahin hota!
Kya waqt ko hum par, zara bhi reham nahin hota?
Aur kitne dukh hum, seh paayeinge!
Kabhi na kabhi to khatam, ho hi jaayeinge!!
Jab khatam honge, ae khuda hum!
Humare pyar ko, karna na kam!!
Usi ke sahare, mar paayeinge!
Warna hum, kahan jaayeinge!!

Poem 9 (Sad):

Kab aayeinge, woh din!
Kab hogi, jeevan mein palchin!!
Koi bhi pal na, aaj suhaye!
Koi bhi hal na, nazar aaye!!
Dekhe the jo sapne, pyare!
Toot gaye ek ek kar, saare!!
Socha na tha, aisa hoga!
Aaj har koi hum par, hasta hoga!!
Chaha tha sabse, aage badna!
Mehnat kar, apni kismat badalna!!
Pyar bhi humko, raas na aaya!
Jeevan mein kitna, waqt gawaya!!
Duniya bole, svaarthee humko!
Koi nahin jo, samjhe humko!!
Svaarthee nahin, alag hain hum!
Samajhauta nahin, kar sakte hum!!
Soch alag hai, apni sabse!
Par pyar to phir bhi, karte hain sabse!!
Svaarthee hote to, mar jaate!
Ya fir kisi sang, bhag jaate!!
Kiya nahin kuch aisa, humne!
Jaante hain, apno ke sapne!!
Hai apna bhi, ek hi sapna!
Ho ek chota sa, ghar apna!!
Sang rahe, pyar humara!
Haste khelte, ho jaaye guzara!!
Aage kya hoga, rab hi jaane!
Kabhi to honge, din suhane!!
Jaane kab aayeinge, woh din!
Jaane kab hogi, jeevan mein palchin!!

Poem 10 (Zindagi):

Zindagi kitne ajeeb, pal dekhati hai!
Kabhi khushi to kabhi gum, de jaati hai!!
Hum jo sochein, hota nahin!
Fir bhi hamko koi, gila nahin!!
Himmat karke, badna hai humko!
Sapno ko poora, karna hai humko!!
Koi na samjhe, kya chahein hum!
Dil se jeena, chahein hum!!
Humko bhi huq hai, khush rehne ka!
Jeevan mein sab, haasil karne ka!!
Kuch to karke, dikhayeinge hum!
Warna ghut ke, mar jaeinge hum!!
Duniya ne jo, niyam banaye!
Kaise koi inmein, khush reh paaye!!
Khushi nahin to, jeena kyun!
Bin sapno ke, rehna kyun!!
Poochein hum, duniya se aaj!
Kya nahin unko koi, kaam kaaj?
Kyun dete hain, dakhal zindagi mein?
Kya nahin hain, unke koi sapne?
Ek hi zindagi, mili hai humko!
Apni tarah se, jeeinge hain hum!!
Kisi ki dada giri, nahin saheinge hum!!!


Poem 1 (Dear Mother Nature):

O’ Dear Mother Nature,
Why are you so pretty?
So serene and vast?

Why are the mountains divine?
Why are the forests, valleys and deserts rejuvenating?
Why are the oceans, seas and rivers mesmerizing?
Why are the colors of the sky hypnotizing?

In this inhumane world full of fake people,
You give me the strength to keep going,
You keep me sane and give me hope.

Cool breeze makes me feel alive,
Chirping of the birds gives me peace,
Sunrise and sunset sooth my soul,
Moon and the infinite stars take my breath away.

O’ Dear Mother Nature,
I adore you to the core,
I surrender myself to you,
And thank my friends for bringing me closer to you.

Poem 2 (The Power of Music):

Music is beauty,
Music is angelic,
Music is healing,
Music is therapeutic.

Music amazes me,
Music enthralls me,
Music touches my heart,
Music pushes my soul wide open.

I can drown in it,
I can connect to it,
I can breathe it,
I can dance to its tunes.

It gives me hope,
It gives me strength,
It makes me smile,
It makes me feel alive.

It’s a total bliss!!

Poem 3 (COVID-19):

For those days I pine,
Anywhere we were free to go!
Anywhere to dine!!
Hugging the friends, having fun, made our life divine!!!

Outings with peers, humming songs, gave us delight!
Going to office, working out in the Gym, were part of life!!

Staying at home, social distancing, have made our life dreary!
Zoom calls make us teary!!
Sanitizing each damn thing, make us weary!
Washing hands over and over has made them shrivel!

Corona has turned our lives into hell!
Wearing mask in hot weather, we are compelled!!

Feeling despondent and depressed!
Despair and gloom are now our integral part!!
Fun and frolic are things of past!!!

Human values we neglected!
Nature we exploited!!

We regret our mistakes!
Beseech God to show his grace!!
Full of laughter and joy, restore those days!!!

Poem 4 (Romantic):

Unimaginable! Your love knocked my heart!
When, from me, smile and dreams were miles apart!!
With you, chortle and laughter again set foot in my life!
Thorns of pain, you picked from my life!!
You removed the pall of gloom that would make me cry!
With blooms of bliss and joy, you enriched my life!!

How to live life, you have taught me!
You appreciated, when no one understood me!!
My heart beats fast in your loving embrace!
With you, each moment becomes a grace!!
My heart beams with a smile, musing of you!
O’ love, my lost dreams will come true with you!!
Am I so lucky? Comes the doubt!
Scared to lose, everything out!!

I long to live now, but ill thoughts trouble me!
Living together till eternity, will you promise me?
Desert me not, O’ my dear!
Pangs of separation, so hard to bear!!
Will bereft me of my smiles!
With an ocean of tears, shedding from my eyes!!

Poem 5 (Romantic):

With you in my heart, life is fully fascinating!
Ecstasy of love amazingly boundless!!
Do not know how to express!!!
Never happened before, your love enthralls me!
Is it a dream? Daily this thought appalls me!!
My destiny, I trust not!
Being away from you, Shall I bear not!!
Peerless is your love for me!
My notions on life make others wary of me!!
O’ my heartthrob! Your tête-à-tête regales me!
As your bride, when will you take me?
With you, I yearn to live, love, and quibble!
Tarry not my dear!!
Mad in love, shall I wriggle!!!

Poem 6 (Romantic):

O’ my sweetheart, I will never abandon you!
Even death cannot split me from you!!
If the world is insensitive, so what!
If luck is not in our favor, so what!!
The time will come, with happiness our life will gleam!
With smiles, our faces will beam!!
Don’t lose heart, O’ my dear!
These awful days, will also disappear!!
No one can break us up, keep this in mind!
Soon this world will help us to be conjoined!!

Poem 7 (Sad):

So unpredictable is our life!
Blend of sorrow and delight!!
So happy was I with you!
Weaved an enchanting dream-world with you!!
Now gloominess I see everywhere!
Cannot find solace anywhere!!
I keep on crying furtively!
Facing the word bravely!!
My pain, no one realizes!
My tears, no one wipes!!
I am so unlucky; I knew not!
Even a small wish, being answered not!!
Through thick and thin I stood by you!
Faced all challenges holding hands with you!!
For any activity, I lost the fervor now!
Time drags, even with well-wishers now!!
All my dreams stand shattered!
Time got my happiness plundered!!
So many hardships I cannot face!
Will time ever show me some grace?
Is there any end to these miseries of life!
Or they will bring a termination of my life?
O’ my Lord, abate not my love when I die!
Only then my troubled soul will get respite!!

Poem 8 (Sad):

When will the happiness knock my door?
Nothing gives me joy anymore!!
No way out from this miserable plight!
All my dreams got vaporized!!
Never expected this would happen to me!
Everybody must be laughing at me!!
To surpass all, was what I longed for!
To work hard and change my destiny, was what I yearned for!!
Even love did not work for me!
So much time wasted by me!!
‘Vain and selfish,’ are the names given to me!
No one bothered to understand me!!
Uncompromising, with view point different!
I love all and am not self-indulgent!!
Had I been self-centered!
I would have eloped or died!!
Nothing of the sort was done by me!
I know what others expect from me!!
I also dreamed of a small nest!
Brimming with love and enjoyment!!
O’ my Lord! What is in store for us?
When shall be my life full of blessedness!!

Poem 9 (Life):

Blend of joy and sorrow!
How strange is our life!!
Not getting what we long for!
Without any whimper, accept the life!!
My feelings no one appreciates!
I yearn to move forward with audacity!!
Fulfilling dreams, living life with vivacity!!!
I also deserve to be happy!
To get all that I fancy!!
I have to prove my worth!
Or I will be shifted to death!!
Harsh mores, grab our happiness!
How to live with no dreams, no merriness!!
People, meddling in others’ affairs, make me wonder!
Either they are idle or shiftless!!
We have only one life!
Living on our terms is our right!!
Cannot allow anyone to infringe upon our lives!!!


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